Technology Advisory

BlueAngle’s IT consultants approach each new client with one goal in mind: helping each client achieve success. We work diligently to help clients overcome their most difficult, potentially frustrating technological obstacles so that they can continue to thrive. Our philosophy is to not only offer our clients technical advice but to work with our clients to deploy disruptive technologies that realize value.

We offer strategic IT advice, working directly with IT stakeholders to create risk-aware, effective technical management systems in an effort to promote industry growth. BlueAngle’s range of IT advisory services can help your business streamline workflow, enhance productivity, maintain accountability, build industry reputation, and give your company the strategic advantage it needs to succeed in a competitive market.

Typical Advisory Engagements

IT Cost Optimization

Technology Strategy

Outsourcing Strategy

Customer Facing Technologies

IT Staff Briefing

New Technologies

Project Management

IT Employee Evaluation

Migration Services

Cloud Computing Services


Strategic Sourcing

Virtualization Services

Network Planning

Vendor Evaluation

Our Model for IT Strategy Development and Execution

Business Forecast

Risk Appetite

Business Constraints


Leading Practices

Technology Trends

Customer Considerations

Organizational Analysis






Business Strategy

Desired End State

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Risk vs Reward

Availability of Solutions

Strategy Formulation

Mission, Values and Vision

Strategic Objectives

Performance Measures and