Robotic Process Automation

Optimization is the key to success across many industries, which is why BlueAngle strives to connect the dots between the human and digital experience. We develop and implement automations that optimize universal business performance for our clients. We analyze and access current business processes to determine where automation is most beneficial. Additionally, our IT advisors offer our clients recommendations based on our past experiences, provide ROI projections for automated processes, and implement these solutions in our client’s workplaces. Finally, we provide upscale training to staff members to help facilitate seamless integration.


Improve Efficiency

 Our IT consultants help cut down the time it takes staff to perform repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic work. While this process may seem insignificant, over time our clients see significant savings in both time and cost from RPA.


Better Control

Many companies choose to outsource repetitive tasks and other “busywork” to external companies as a cost- and time-saving measure. Unfortunately, this leaves many organizations at risk of data integrity and compromise. Our RPA solutions provide in-house task management and reduce the risk of sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands.


Improve Accuracy

Through process automation, BlueAngle helps clients reduce the risk of human error. Ultimately, this results in better data accuracy and works to eliminate serious data errors. RPA operations don’t always guarantee error-free outcomes, but our RPA operations team works to ensure bots receive regular maintenance for error-free operation.


Reduce Operating Costs

Thanks to the time and human effort saved by automating repetitive tasks, clients see a significant increase in savings when examining their bottom line. Automated processes allow “busywork” to take place more quickly and around the clock, ultimately leading to additional savings.


Deliver Quick Results

BlueAngle’s IT consultants developed a library of pre-existing bot automations that clients can choose to deploy relatively quickly. Ultimately, this allows BlueAngle to provide clients with RPA solutions with little effort, resulting in rapid streamlining of regular work processes that quickly manifest as savings for our clients.


Faster Service

Clients that take advantage of bot automation save time and improve their overall effectiveness over time. Back office processes often are the root cause of bottlenecked work due to uncompleted tasks and human error. Automation reduces these risks and helps expedite our client’s workflow.

01 ERP Implementation

Cut down the time it takes for your staff to perform repetitive tasks enabling your staff focus on strategic work. Over time, and multiplied by dozens of tasks, the savings from RPA begin to add up.

02 Better Control

Many companies choose to outsource so-called “busy work” to external parties. This, of course, comes with inherent risk. Our RPA solutions can provide a better solution since and since the work remains in-house, our clients maintain maximum possession, control and visibility.

03Improve Accuracy

By eliminating human errors through the use of bots, your operations will run risk-free. RPA does not guarantee an error-free operation – Bots malfunction. Our RPA operations team ensures that all bots are maintained to ensure that they operate error free.

04 Reduce Operating Costs

Processes are completed faster, and performed round-the-clock at a much lower rate. You will get greater output for less,which results in a better bottom line.

05 Deliver Quick Returns

We have a library of existing bots that can be quickly deployed. This means that we can develop RPA solutions with little effort. The faster these tasks and workflows can be automated, the sooner our clients will begin reaping the benefits.

06 Faster Service

Back office processes hold back the speed of businesses. Employees manually entering forms into systems or copying data between systems hold back your service speed. Bots work at lightning speed without break.

Blue Angle Provides You a Differentiated Approach

We have a library of over 1000+ pre-designed bots

  • Our off-the-shelf bots automate back-office work, sales, and operations. They are easily customizable and our IT advisors can rapidly deploy these bots to help streamline business practices.
  • AI and bots help continuously improve your data outputs and can provide custom options.
  • Our bot library takes advantage of some of the best, most innovative, and up-to-date marketplace technologies.

Due Diligence on your Operations

  • We conduct preliminary operation audits to identify areas where your organization may benefit from bot deployment.
  • We develop an ROI model that offers you qualitative and quantitative benefits of deploying bots based on your organization’s unique work environment and long-term goals.
  • We partner with you and remain invested in your company’s growth, scalability, and success.

All of this is possible because of the team we put together

BlueAngle’s team of data scientists, engineers, architects, developers, technology leads, and cybersecurity experts work together collaboratively to provide a unique, cutting-edge service to each of our clients. 

Alongside our in-house talent, we have multiple proprietary solutions, a dedicated capability-building network, and a network of partners and alliances with some of the world’s leading technology organizations. 

Our work includes handling “disruptive technologies.” BlueAngle has an extensive history of working with clients to create a technical revolution that allowed them to reach the next level in their business plans. 

Finally, we help clients develop the culture and skills necessary to remain agile and innovate in a competitive market long after our partnership ends. Ultimately, we aim to provide our clients with change that matters.

Our Extensive Library of RPA Agents

Data Management

  • Automated management of business and people requests.
  • Remove process delays.
  • Data cleansing activities to ensure consistency across multiple systems in various formats.

Onboarding / Offboarding

  • Assess, prepare and create new joiner data.
  • Streamline information across disparate corporate systems for preparation on Day 1.
  • Consolidate leaver input from business areas and feed to downstream systems.


  • Retrieve electronic invoices from email.
  • Download invoices to a folder.
  • Extract billing details from invoices (PDF).
  • Create customer invoices in the system.

Applicant Sourcing

  • Processing candidate notifications for interviews, rejection and feedback.
  • Candidate reviews – screening of CV’s and online application forms.

Customer Order Processing

  • Booking orders.
  • Order updates.
  • Straight through processing of customer orders.
  • Updating customers on status of orders (fulfilment) via website or email updates.
  • Validating customer orders and flagging errors.
  • Shipping notifications.


  • Transferring data from one system to another.
  • Call center operations.
  • Payroll processing (e.g., generating payslips, payroll calculations and deductions).
  • Forms processing.
  • Client profile updates.
  • System access and setup.
  • Customer complaints processing.
  • Generating premium renewals.
  • Claims processing.
  • Requests for overdraft protection.
  • Exception processing.
  • Account reconciliation.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Website scraping.
  • Expense reporting.