Leading Technology Innovation by Transforming Ideas into Solutions

Blue Angle attributes our success to our experienced leaders and IT advisors. Each member of our staff has a background in technology and a passion for researching and applying new technological advancements to everyday challenges. Our team has placed Blue Angle at the forefront of industry leaders committed to innovation and client satisfaction while simultaneously developing our reputation as one of the leading managed service providers.

Our Vision

Deploy the full potential of disruptive technologies to businesses.

Our Mission

Revolutionize client business processes through next-generation technological solutions. 

Our Core Values

Our core values consist of six workplace principles that encompass how we work. 

Blue Angle’s Ways of Working

01 We Value Our People

Blue Angle understands that top-quality service and client satisfaction starts with our team’s working environment. We realize that an engaged workforce breeds productivity, positivity, innovation, and results. We strive to provide all of our employees with a platform to learn, grow, challenge themselves, and find satisfaction in their role in the company.

02 We Pursue Excellence, Innovation, and Quality Work

We pride ourselves on working with clients to overcome challenges by exceeding their expectations. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Blue Angle and drives us to foster an entrepreneurial work culture and reward creativity.

03 We Put Ourselves In Your Shoes

Our clients want to succeed and demands are high. Our professionals understand our client’s unique business challenges and solve these challenges by leveraging our collective experience.

04 We Do the Right Thing at All Times

Blue Angle puts our clients first, meaning we never cut corners, take shortcuts, or leave projects unfinished. We foster a partnership with each of our clients to develop an in-depth solution that meets their business needs. Each client relationship is built on trust and integrity and grows through a shared goal of helping your business achieve success no matter the circumstances.

05 We Keep Our Word

We partner with our clients, meaning we work with you on an individual level every step of the way. One of the key points in our fee arrangements stipulates that we successfully provide our clients with deliverables and demonstrate value creation before we get paid.

06 We Give Back to Our Community

Blue Angle values community engagement. As a result, many of our professional staff participate in volunteer activities to help educate local business owners, up-and-coming IT advisors and provide resources for businesses to learn how to use innovation to achieve success. We are proud of our efforts and continue to find new ways to engage with our community.