Managed Data Services

Clients come to BlueAngle because we help drive revolutionary change. We help our clients make valuable business decisions through the application of analytical artificial intelligence on existing data systems. Our proprietary system analyzes our clients’ pre-existing databases and uses this information to power intelligent decision-making.

Single Source of Truth

As your managed services provider, BlueAngle will provide you with a one-stop knowledge powerhouse. Our data platform analyzes and validates your pre-existing data. Then, using target data model mapping, it creates analytical dashboards that monitor potential anomalies.

Increased Insights

Many of our clients struggle to make effective decisions due to unorganized data. The lack of visibility, accessibility, and transparency significantly impedes their ability to use in-house data effectively. Our platform provides full access to the information our clients need, analyzes data, and provides customized reporting to support each phase of the decision-making process.

Decision Making

Traditional data analysts and decision making processes are only successful when data is clear, well-organized, and validated. Often, data is inaccurate due to human error, lack of visibility, and lack of transparency. As your managed services provider, BlueAngle offers a strategic data management system that powers strategic efficiency, strategic decision making while improving visibility and accessibility to essential information.

Access to Historical Data

Historical data is critical for many of our clients. Whether you need to maintain data for compliance purposes or simply want to use your information for analytic purpose, our platform stores, references, and analyzes past information to drive future performance. BlueAngle’s proprietary platform uses historical data to drive informed decision-making, predict potential outcomes, and identify trends.

Cost Reduction

Many clients have come to BlueAngle after auditing their spending. Our platform effectively aggregates data to eliminate the need for multiple storage, reporting, and analysis platforms. We offer a centralized hub that stores, validates, analyzes, and reports data trends without the need for cross-platform communication. The validation process offers further savings by reducing the risk of costly decisions made from inaccurate data.

Improving Efficiency

Organizations that use outdated manual methods of data aggregation, validation, and analysis cost companies a great deal of time. Human error elongates the process, leaving companies without the ability to make decisions in the moment. BlueAngle’s managed data services offers AI data manipulation and query resolution to eliminate the need for tedious manual processes.

BlueAngle Provides You a Differentiated Approach

Integrated, Digital Technology

  • End-to-end, customizable technological solutions that support our clients during each stage of the data management process, from extracting data to customized report templates.
  • Artificial Intelligence and smart bots offer real-time data aggregation and validation to improve accessibility and transparency while guiding effective decision making.
  • BlueAngle consistently researches and combines the most powerful technologies on the market to provide best-in-class results to our customers.

Flexibility and Scalable Approach

  • Our managed data services allow you to choose between full end-to-end or modular approaches.
  • Clients can choose to scale data by module, function, or data strategy.

Made Possible by Our Team

At BlueAngle, we created a team of the best, most innovative data scientists, engineers, architects, developers, technology leads, IT advisors, and cybersecurity experts so that we can provide our clients with disruptive technologies that drive results. We’ve combined our team with multiple proprietary solutions, including a dedicated capability building network, and partnered with leading technology companies to change the way our clients do business. Through our unique skills, backgrounds, and experience, we help our clients develop the culture and skills they need to practice agile and innovative business solutions, ultimately promoting long-term results. We strive to offer our clients the changes that make a difference. And we help our clients develop the culture and capabilities needed to be agile and innovate ahead of the market, long after we’ve left. This is change that matters.

Managed Data Service Offerings


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