Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity and data privacy is of the utmost importance for our clients and their customers. BlueAngle takes a differentiated approach to cybersecurity by unifying all security functions within an organization. Our system allows clients to utilize a host of security functions, including threat intelligence, security automation, threat response, security orchestration, and incident response to effectively detect, manage, and respond to potential security threats.

Our Solutions

DevSecOps for Business

Identify, evaluate, isolate, and eliminate security risks within your company’s IT infrastructure.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Due Diligence

End-to-end assessment of your cybersecurity and data privacy footprint to help you identify gaps and vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Remediation and Implementation

BlueAngle helps clients develop proven risk management compliance systems to secure their enterprise, lower their TCO, and ultimately generate value.

Cybersecurity Security Operations Center

Our clients can rest easy knowing that the governance of security management and early risk mitigation is taken care of, allowing them to focus on meeting their business goals.

CISO Services

Clients can take advantage of our Chief Information Security Officer advisory services, gaining access to resources to help protect and defend your organization’s IT infrastructure from potential security and compliance risks.

Orchestrating Enterprise Vigilance

Threat Intelligence

BlueAngle works diligently developing an in-depth understanding of potential malicious activities and developing countermeasures to deploy security measures against these threats for each of our clients. Our intelligence measures allow our IT consultants to effectively orchestrate network-wide cybersecurity operations. These operations allow us to build threat intelligence systems that address our client’s unique security concerns while enabling security teams to stay ahead of potential cyber-attacks. 

Threat Detection

Detecting security threats, data breaches, and cyber-attacks in a timely manner is one of the most essential portions of any cybersecurity system. Threat response teams have access to the data collected in our cybersecurity platforms to verify and validate malicious behavior from cybersecurity threats. As a result, security teams can quickly isolate infected devices through BlueAngle’s containment process. This measure prevents network-wide spread and allows cybersecurity teams to continuously monitor network devices using well-known security tools, such as SIEM, IDS/IPS, TIPs, EDR, and firewalls. 

Threat Response

Rapidly responding to potential security threats is the core reason most cybersecurity teams exist. Identifying and responding to malicious virtual attacks in a timely manner is essential for many businesses, as it prevents the spread of damage and potential data theft. Accomplishing this task requires effective collaboration between incidence response teams, threat intelligence teams, DevOps personnel, senior executives, and others. BlueAngle understands how overwhelming orchestrating rapid responses between these teams can be, which is why we provide a platform to connect and overcome traditional communication barriers. Additionally, our threat response systems monitor a variety of potential threats, including malware, security vulnerabilities, threat actors, and previous incidents. This system works in tandem with our incident management workflow to allow cybersecurity teams to focus on relevant security issues, covering every dimension of threat response.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting refers to an exercise  that security teams perform to detect and scrutinize potential malicious activities that do not trigger system-wide security alerts. BlueAngle takes threat hunting to the next level by fully actualizing the threat hunting process. Our proprietary platform allows us to collect and connect data on various threats from both internal and external sources.This database of up-to-date threat information allows threat hunters to make connections between various threat elements, analyze the source, severity, and determine the steps to take to improve overall security. 

Threat Analysis

New cybersecurity threats are always on the horizon, and it’s important that cybersecurity teams stay updated on this information to effectively maintain data privacy. However, with hundreds of new potential threats released each day, it can be difficult to manage this amount of data. BlueAngle’s proprietary system continuously collects, analyzes, and stores new threat data each day from reputable external and internal resources. The system uses automation features to provide enhanced threat analysis and includes automation features that allow it to integrate with existing security solutions to effectively understand and isolate potential malicious activity.