Analytics as a Service

In a completive and ever-changing marketplace, companies need a comprehensive analytics strategy to thrive. BlueAngle offers our clients disruptive analytics as a service to help them stay ahead of the game.

Our goal is to help make every company data driven.

Many clients find data reporting and predictive analytics intimidating. BlueAngle’s IT advisors have made it our mission to help our client’s understand what their data is actually telling them, so that they can make informed business decisions that take their company to the next level. With our proprietary platforms,clients can focus on running their business instead of becoming caught up in the details of data analytics.

Data strategy

BlueAngle customizes our data strategy approach to each individual client. Whether your organization has a Chief Data Officer or not, our team of consultants will work with you to define your data goals, assess your sources, and develop a long-term data strategy to help guide your organization’s future successes.

Ultimately, BlueAngle believes that a company is data-driven when they make the conscious decision to power business decisions through a comprehensive data strategy. A successful data strategy involves:

A successful data strategy involves:

  • Identifying and understanding key business goals and objectives and how data impacts these goals.
  • Auditing current data systems for accuracy, transparency, and health.
  • Researching external influences impacting your industry and organizational performance.
  • Targeting information key stakeholders need transparency for business-wide, long-term success.
  • Aligning your data management system to support your organization structure, goals, and priorities.

As your managed services provider, BlueAngle’s IT consultants will help your organization take full advantage of your data and uncover BI opportunities for your business.

Creating a Single Source of Truth

If you find your company struggling to manage data across multiple sources, you’re not alone. At this point, many companies turn to data visualization tools to improve data aggregation. However, BlueAngle’s approach is different. Our team will help you centralize and organize your data into a “single source of truth” within a data warehouse. Our applied business logic and automated data preparation will provide your business with comprehensive data dashboards and detailed reports so that you can drive change.

Advanced Analytics

Our tools allow you to visualize your business performance with BI reports and dashboards that help you target trends and make effective decisions. With the help of our data consultants and expert analysts, we will work together to help you get the most insight from your data.

Our advanced analytics programs offer predictive analysis, advanced data modeling, and customized reporting. Our clients use the analytic tools to accomplish business objectives, such as:

  • Discover opportunities for your business using advanced data science.
  • Automating data collection, aggregation, and reporting.
  • Reduce risk through better forecasting and predictive analytics.
  • Supplement existing data from multiple external sources to create a central view of the “bigger picture”.
  • Explore different strategies and potential outcomes with “if-then” analysis and data questioning.
  • Improve your workflow with machine learning and AI augmentation.

Data Your Way

We know data tools, and our team has experience across today’s leading BI platforms.

Business Intelligence Starts Here

The Four Tiers of Advanced Data Analytics

Descriptive Analysis

Answers “What happened?”

  • Comprehensive data insights
  • Advanced reporting
  • Improved visibility
  • Designed to drive performance metrics

Diagnostic Analytics

Answers: “Why Did It Happen?”

  • Interactive reporting
  • Deploy business intelligence tools
  • Explains external performance influences
  • Empowers data exploration and troubleshooting

Predictive Analytics

Answers: “What Will Happen?”

  • Provides accurate forecasting
  • Offers insights to influence business performance
  • Identify trends and potential outcomes
  • Leaverages machine learning and AI technology

Prescriptive Analysis

Answers: “What’s Possible?”

  • Customizable and highly-specific data goals
  • Provides purpose-driven metrics
  • Utilizes if-then analysis
  • Empowers continuous data improvement

BlueAngle Offers a Differentiated Approach

  • Our trusted IT advisors understand data analytics and work diligently to help clients meet their data goals.
  • Our team has industry-specific knowledge and real-world experience.
  • Tool agnostic experience
  • Full-stack managed data solutions
  • Established history of success in embedding analytics into organizational structures.

Analytics Offerings

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data Visualization
  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data strategy